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Entering Sonoyta at Lukeville Border

Entering Sonoyta at Lukeville Border

Road to Puerto Penasco, Mexico
Traveling to Rocky Point

Driving to Puerto Penasco, Mexico is a safe 1 hour highway trip from Sonoyta, Mexico. You are welcomed to Sonoyta by a Bienvenidos A Sonoyta sign spanning the road upon crossing the border.

Sonoyta is a small town of 10,000 people just across the Arizona/Mexico border from Lukeville. The town is full of life. The first thing you’ll notice is the many vendors selling their wares, kids going to school, and small family owned businesses trying to make a buck. It’s really commerce at its best. 

Where to Stop in Sonoyta, Mexico
for Gas and Restrooms

You’ll want to stop at the Arizona Market just on the other side of town for grocery’s that you have forgotten to bring and a nice clean restroom. Two other recommended pit stops are the Circle K as you come around the hill at the intersection of Route 02 and Benemerito de Las Americas and the new Pemex Station located on the short cut 16 de Septiembre to Rocky Point that you take just as you pass over the bridge.

Entering Sonoyta at Lukeville Border

Entering Sonoyta at Lukeville Border

Speed Traps in Sonoyta, Mexico

Make sure to travel the speed limit while driving through town. Sonoyta police set up speed traps along the main road. They will stand in the middle of the road with radar guns. By the time you realize it’s a speed trap it’s too late. You’ll be pulled over and given a ticket. Conveniently enough, the speed trap is right in front of the police station.

1 Hour Drive from Sonoyta to Rocky Point

From Sonoyta it’s another hour drive on Route 8 to Puerto Peñasco. As you enter Rocky Point, Route 8 turns into Benito Juarez. The town of Puerto Peñasco is quite easy to navigate. The city is laid out in a grid pattern with north/south and east/west streets. A few streets run diagonal through the city. The major streets are paved, yet many of the side streets are well compacted dirt. Bring a city map on your first trip to Rocky Point. Plan out the route to your destination. Planning will make your trip much more enjoyable. Once you get your bearings and drive the town a few times, it’s actually quite easy to get around.

Dominos, ATM and Groceries

There are grocery stores, ATMs, gas stations and even a Domino’s along Route 8/Benito Juarez Avenue just north of town. Walmart was in the planning stages of constructing a new store on a large parcel as you enter Puerto Peñasco, but I’ve heard that the project was scrapped in January 09 due to the economic downturn.

Where are the Sandy Beach Resorts

The resorts of Sandy Beach are located northwest of Puerto Penasco. There are two roads heading west that directly access Las PalomasSonoran ResortsSandy Beach Resorts, and Playa Bonita. The first is Samuel Ocana Garcia. A Pemex Station is located on the southeast corner. The next road is Calle 26 with a local high school on the southwest corner of the intersection. Map of Puerto Penasco.

Where is the Old Port and Malecon

The old port, Malecon district, whale hill and the road to Las Conches are located south of the town. Take Benito Juarez through town. You can’t miss the sign to Las Conches, make a left and continue driving. You’ll find here the Black Dog Bar, Giuseppie’s and Hacienda Las Fuentes. For the Old Port and Whale Hill continue on Benito Juarez. Here you’ll find the Coffee HausLatitude 31, the fish market, La Casa del Capitan, Porto Finos, and access to the Port.

It is safe to travel to Mexico! Enjoy Your Stay.

For more information of what to expect while driving to Rocky Point see our article entitled Lukeville/Sonoyta Border Crossing and Rocky Point Travel Tips.

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