Sr. Amigos Restaurant for Lunch

In the Shrimp Market District of Puerto Penasco

Sr. Amigos Restaurant

Kids will love the Pelicans

pelicans at Sr. Amigos Rocky PointSr. Amigos is located in the shrimp market district along the Sea of cortez. Looking for a relaxing stop for lunch during your busy shopping day try Sr. Amigos Offering fantastic views of the sea and Sandy Beach, you’ll be treated to a show by the local pelicans and sea gulls as they work for a hand out from Sr. Amigos’ patrons. And if you are lucky one will conduct a fly-by and retrieve as you hold your hand out with a chip or piece of shrimp. The kids will love it!

Speaking of kids, check out the video to the upper right. What you have to love about the local culture is the innovation and business spirit.  sr. amigos rocky point mexicoThese kids were really working it. Good rhythm and sound. If you’re lucky enough to hear them, relax, and enjoy the music. Enjoy the birds. Enjoy the food. Enjoy your beer. And after their set give them a few bucks for their entertainment.

On the Menu – Garlic Shrimp

On the menu try the garlic shrimp or carne tacos. Both are full of flavor and relatively priced. However, we can’t say the same thing about the margaritas, a local beer is your best bet. Service is good and bathrooms are clean. There is no air conditioning so the ground floor is usually closed during the summer. The restaurant opens the upper deck providing a fabulous view and nice breeze off the sea. Check it out and give us your thoughts.

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