Rocky Point Old Port Fish Market and Shopping

Rocky Point Old Port Fish Market


You pull into a parking place, just barely squeezing in as someone else exits. As you get out of your vehicle ten different voices are yelling at you, “Shrimp, you want shrimp. Fish, we have fish, shrimp, we have the best prices!” Depending on the season, you are either sweltering as the heat and humidity immediately assault you or you are greeted with cool and gentle breeze. Either way – Rocky Point’s Old Port fish market is a unique and exciting experience.


Rocky Point Fish Market and Shopping

First Time to Mexico?

If you have never been to Mexico, you may at first be timid and concerned by all of the goings on around you. However, as you give in to the flow around you it becomes a fun and exciting experience. Restaurants and bars line the street, many at them are above the market place on the second floor. Greeters will try to lure you in by the assurances of the best seafood and margaritas in town. If you are reluctant, the best way to relax is to let yourself unwind with a leisurely shrimp cocktail or ceviche and a margarita or Pacifico. Most of the restaurants have a direct view of the sea and the coastline of Sandy Beach. All restaurants are open air. You will likely have guests of the avian species – most likely pelicans – who will want to take a cracker out of your hand. Depending on the restaurant, you will get a very up close view. Once you are nice and relaxed by tequila or cerveza, you are ready to shop and, of course, negotiate.

Puerto Penasco Malacon

Malacon Rocky Point

Pottery Shops in Rocky Point
The shops vary from small storefronts only to seemingly never ending mazes of pottery. You can purchase everything from tacky tourist t-shirts and knock off designer wear to unique and interesting art pieces. Our favorite stores are the ones where all of the merchandise is coated with a layer of dust and you find the perfect something that you weren’t looking for in the first place. It never fails that the owner of said establishment will quote you some outrageous price and you will make some equally outrageous low offer. You look each other in the eye, knowing no one has looked at that particular item for some years – the owner acting as if it is about to be sold any minute to the next customer.

Rocky Point Mexico Shopping

Negotiating on the Malacon

The best ploy, especially if you are with a significant other is to play – good buyer / bad buyer. “Well, it’s okay, but I really liked that other thing just down the road. I don’t really have any money left anyway, how much do you have?” Then the other person states that they only have x amount, which is about $10 less than you actually want to pay. You will probably get the item for how much you want to pay, or feel it is worth and the shop owner will smile knowing he made a profit. Remember, no matter what they say, the shops will not sell you something if they are not making a profit. The act of negotiating is foreign to most Americans, but you are in a foreign county after all. Get into the spirit of the marketplace. Don’t be afraid to venture off the main road up the side streets. Take a look at all the shops and speak with the vendors. We either buy from the shop with the best price or the seller who makes you feel you are a new friend.

Rastafarian Shops in Puerto Penasco

Rastafarian Shops in Puerto Penasco

Rastafarian Shops in Puerto Penasco
I think, one of the most unique parts of the port is on the right side (going in) past all of the fish venders. It is a smaller collection of shops with a different feel than the rest of the market. It appears to just basically be some palapa huts. Because you are across the street from the main shopping event, it has the feel of back alley shopping. Trust us, you just have to experience it. Some of our favorite purchases are from this area – coconut sun faces, papyrus paintings. And no trip to the fish market would be complete without visiting the Rastafarian shop – you can’t miss it – this is the place to get your Bob Marley gear.

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