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Feeding the Hungry at the Rocky Point Food Bank

by Kathy Witt


Helping Feed Families and Children

Helping Feed Families and Children


The food bank in Rocky Point started about a year ago.  It is the joint effort of the Family of God Christian Fellowship and Grupo Unidad Familiar church both in Rocky Point.  Pastor Ernesto started it as a mission for the local members of his congregation to give back and to also receive when needed.  Many members of both church’s donate on a regular basis. Donations also come from others who have heard about the ministry.  The need for ongoing donations continues to be critical.  The economic downturn we have experienced in the US is magnified here where most families depend on tourism dollars.Recipients at the food bank are registered and qualified by the local church.  They are all invited to participate in church services and we share the Word with them.


Worship Services at Rocky Point Food Bank

Worship Services at Rocky Point Food Bank


Moms and kids wait patiently for 1-2 hours every Monday for their bag of groceries.  The food varies, but usually contains rice, dried beans, flour, sugar, salt, a canned veggie, a canned fruit, tomato sauce, cereal, bouillon cubes, canned meat such as tuna, sausage, chicken or sardines, canned milk, and cookies.   Occasionally an extra treat is given such as peanut butter, toilet-paper and laundry soap.  Can you imagine, receiving a jar of peanut butter one out of every 3 months is a luxury?  The local people are very thankful for the generosity of their American friends.


Worship Services at the Rocky Point Food Bank

Volunteers Planning the Day’s Events


Rich and Lila Graff are the volunteer administrators of the food-bank, spending most of their time in Mexico.  Originally from San Diego, they have immersed themselves in the local neighborhoods sharing the Love of Jesus with their new Mexican friends.  Mark and Terri Kuykendall spend about 5 months each year working closely with the food bank and local building projects.


Bags of Basic Necessities

Bags of Basic Necessities


Volunteers Preparing the Food Bank Donations

IN ROCKY POINT:  Food can be dropped at the Family of God Church on Sunday mornings, Majestic Realty during the week. The food bank is difficult to find, but if you are interested in participating just ask someone at church and they can bring you.
Money is always appreciated as the food can be purchased locally in bulk at reasonable prices, and this is also great for the local economy.  Donations can be sent to Family of God Christian Fellowship.

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IN PHOENIX:  We are happy to transport food as we visit RP each month, email us at and we can organize a drop off or pickup

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