Road to Rocky Point Mexico

Road to Rocky Point

Route 8 Road Conditions to Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Road conditions on route 8 to Puerto Peñasco for the most part are excellent. The State of Sonora, Mexico repaved the highway between Sonoyta and Puerto Penasco in June 2008. It now has clear markings, wide shoulders and new road signs. Although not recommended, we have driven to Rocky Point at night. There are no highway lights, but the road signs are very reflective, making it easy to see the road.

The drive to Rocky Point, Mexico is very enjoyable & relaxing. We have experienced no violence on the road to Puerto Penasco. Be aware of coyotes, horses and other critters that may stray onto the road. Their hard it see. You should also be aware of the extreme speeds that some Americans travel on the highway. 80 mph+. There have been some major head-on accidents resulting in cases of death. If you are involved in an accident in Mexico that results in a death, and if you do not know What To Do After a Truck Accident, you should know that drivers of both vehicles are considered at fault and have committed a felony. Click here to know more about dealing with such cases that have injuries involved. You will go to jail until your case is heard. Discuss all the legal aspects of your case including  the insurance coverage with the dedicated Car accident lawyer in New Orleans.

Travel to Puerto Penasco

Welcome to Sonoyta on way to Rocky Point

Road to Rocky Point, Mexico

Road signs are part of the enjoyment of driving through Mexico, particularly in the city. You’ll find that the speed will drop from 80 kph to 40 kph very quickly. Remember Mexico does not use MPH. You’ll even find that within a matter of 50 feet the speed will go from 30 kph to 20 kph and back up to 30 kph, so be aware. You will also see signs for “no passing” “No Rebase”, “dangerous curves”, “protect the plants”, “no throwing trash” Stephanie and I pass the hour travel time practicing our Spanish, reading the different business signage and road signs along the way.

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Planning Your Trip to
Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Once in town, know where you want to go. Plan your route. Bring a Puerto Penasco town map which you can download here. This will cut down on your chances of a fender bender. Also be aware of the speed bumps, known as “TOPES”. Topes, are very large, and they can do damage to your car as well as the occupants in the car if going too fast. They come up fast and they are not in short supply. Sometimes we drive our Prius and we just squeak over the bump. At light controlled intersection, the green light will flash before it turns yellow. Wish they had these in the State. 

The city of Puerto Peñasco has initiated a program to dramatically increase the number of roads paved each year. You’ll find that most of the main city streets are paved, however the side streets are mostly well compacted dirt.

Stephanie and I hope that we have helped to dispel some myths of driving in Mexico. Plan a drive to Puerto Penasco soon!

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