Mexican Real Estate as a Second Home

Mexican Real Estate as a 2nd home

What will the second home landscape in Mexico be like for U.S. buyers?

Just as California has exotic homes about which you can find more information regarding their sale on the Hometown Station, Mexico too has it all; something for everyone, and you can see the following pictures to see and believe it. That should be the overriding message that every residential dominion in this beautiful exposes for the next two years. Why? Because it’s the simple truth. One only needs to determine where they want to be, what geographical amenities they like, whether they’re beach people or colonial aficionados. Is it a choice of dry, desert clime on the water, or mountainous tropic in the interior, or just sparkling white sand on luminous beaches dotted by palapa roofs.

Santo Tomas

Santo Tomas Custom Home Las Dunas South Of Puerto Penasco

Are you more interested in the well established denizens like Cabo, Vallarta, San Miguel de Allende, the Riveria Maya and Puerto Penasco, or do you seek the “up and coming” locales like Rosarito, La Paz, Loreto, Manzanillo, Mazatlan, Huatulco and Ixtapa/Zihuataneho? All of these markets will attract a particular buyer based on their personal preference AND their price point. The latter criteria will become an increasingly important component in the selection of where to buy, where to invest.

Santo Tomas

Customs Home In Las Dunas Near Puerto Penasco

As has been stated before, with the tremendous appreciation that Mexico’s residential sector has experienced, many North Americans will be “priced out” of some markets. Where a two bedroom condo sold for $180K five years ago in a given municipality, and was affordable then, that same unit today sells for $400K or more. As a result of this dynamic value change, foreign purchasers will seek a geographic location suitable for their given means and disposable income that will still provide them with acceptable amenities, enjoyment and upside investment potential. A lot has been written and chronicled about the vast inheritance the “boomers” will realize over the next decade. Many, many North Americans will have, and have now, a lot of money that will be invested in something or somewhere.

Santo Tomas Las Dunas Custom Home on the Sea of Cortez

Santo Tomas Las Dunas Custom Home on the Sea of Cortez

Why not Mexico? Our neighbor to the south is keenly aware of the investment potential this unprecedented group of inheritors can make on their country. Not to mention the impact they’ll have on improving the quality of life with new infrastructure and development wherever they invest. It is estimated that 10,000 Americans buy real estate in Mexico each year. Today, the total is approaching 1.5 million purchasers from the north. The perception and viability of owning a home in this wonderful country has changed a great deal. You will find this content useful if you are looking for the ways of successful property investment.

Santo Tomas Puerto Penasco

Santo Tomas Las Dunas South of Puerto Penasco

Foreign buyers now understand and recognize the safeguards that can be provided for real property acquisitions in the nation. The overall integrity and professionalism of the real estate community has been greatly improved. There is a greater sense of comfort and security with North American buyers. Given the second home landscape in America over the next twenty four months, and maybe longer, Mexico will be the place to be, the place to invest, the place to own that second home! Editors Note: for more information on second home buying in Mexico, check out “Cashing in on a Second Home in Mexico” at

by Mitch Creekmore – SVP, Business Development

Stewart International, Houston
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