Cost of Electricity in Mexico

Cost of Electricity in Mexico
by Anthony Colleraine – The Net

Resources Limited in Mexico

The lesson is that we all need to be very careful in our use of electricity. Even though you might be well-off and can afford to pay several hundred dollars a month, you should heed the fact that our resources are limited and we all need to cut down on our consumption. is the site you shold be checking out before you continue to read through this article.  Take it as a challenge to see how low you can keep your electricity consumption this summer. 

CFE Electric Bill Puerto Penasco, Mexico

CFE Electric Bill Puerto Penasco, Mexico

How to Limit Your Energy Use in Mexico

  • Open your windows and let in the fresh air. 
  • Keep the sunshine out of your rooms by closing the blinds. 
  • Put external sunshades on your windows; 
  • Put aluminum foil wrap on the windows to reflect the sun
  • Consider cooking outdoors on the barbeque as much as you can
  • Install a solar water heater
  • Turn off your electric hot water heater for the summer
  • Install door sensors that turn the air off when the door is opened
  • Install and use ceiling fan to circulate the air

Electricity Expense In Mexico

Let me clarify the situation on electricity rates in San Felipe for this summer. Most residential users will find themselves on the 1F tarrif. If you use a total of less than 1200 kwh of electricity per month you get a bargain rate. Your maximum bill (including the 10% tax) will be 777 pesos or less. You can approximate what you will pay by using the figure of 0.65 pesos/kwh, so 900 kwh/month would cost you around 585 pesos.

Most people will find it difficult to stay under the 1200 kwh limit which is approximately 40 kwh/day. You may be able to achieve this by running only a single bedroom a/c unit plus your other household gadgets such as refrigerator, lighting and TV; though basic operations of these household necessities will likely consume around 15 kwh/day.

Enhanced Rate

If your consumption exceeds the 1200 kwh/month limit, even by a single kilowatt-hour, you qualify for the “enhanced” rate. The calculation of this is more involved so to give you an approximate way of estimating your bill, I made an excel spreadsheet which plots your monthly consumption in kwh along the x-axis and gives the price you will pay in pesos on the y-axis. The graph below includes tax:

There is a breakpoint at 1200 kwh/month and another at 2500 kwh/month. At this latter point, you will be paying 2.6 pesos/kwh (including taxes) which is very expensive – around double what you might pay in most US cities.

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