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Planning Retirement in Puerto Penasco Mexico

American expats in Mexico

Posted by Written by: Andrea Julian American and Canadians Choosing Retirement in Mexico Many people are choosing retirement in Mexico.  If you are thinking about retirement in Mexico but are unsure of where you want to settle, consider the beautiful little beach town of Puerto Penasco in Sonora. But if you’re in the England, you […]

Mexican Property Insurance

Mexican Auto & Home Insurance 101 by Rosie Glover of ProAlliance Insurance The Basics of Mexican Auto Insurance No one likes shopping for insurance. It isn’t fun, or pretty, or even useful…until you really need it. Unfortunately, no matter how un-fun it is to buy, there’s nothing like the security of knowing that in the […]

Mexican Real Estate as a Second Home

Santo Tomas Puerto Penasco

Mexican Real Estate as a 2nd home What will the second home landscape in Mexico be like for U.S. buyers? Just as California has exotic homes about which you can find more information regarding their sale on the Hometown Station, Mexico too has it all; something for everyone, and you can see the following pictures […]

Cost of Electricity in Mexico

Cost of Electricity in Mexico by Anthony Colleraine – The Net Resources Limited in Mexico The lesson is that we all need to be very careful in our use of electricity. Even though you might be well-off and can afford to pay several hundred dollars a month, you should heed the fact that our […]

Can Foreigners Own Property In Mexico?

Can foreigner’s Own Mexico Real Estate? Contrary to popular belief, foreigners can search for residential land for sale and own property in Mexico; both out right and within a bank trust. Confusion comes when we talk about property along coastal waters. The Mexican Constitution places restrictions on foreign ownership of property within 60 miles of […]

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