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Mexican Auto Liability Insurance – Get it before you go!

Travel Safety in MexicoDriving into Mexico your first time can be an interesting experience. Road signs are in Spanish, you are distracted by the sights and sounds, road side vendors are jumping in front of your moving vehicle and you are trying to find your way. The best advice is to be prepared. Know your route and destination, make sure your vehicle is well maintained, and absolutely have Mexican auto insurance before you enter Mexico.  

Required to Have Liability Insurance in Mexico

Mexican law requires that you have at minimum Mexican liability auto insurance underwritten by a Mexican insurance company. The insurance that is issued must be from an insurance company that is licensed and admitted in Mexico and must be recognized by the Mexican judicial system. If you receive a ticket for driving without insurance, you would need an experienced lawyer to defend your right. Check out for contact info. You have an option of buying what is commonly referred to as a Driver’s License Policy that will follow the driver regardless of the car driven. This type of policy will cover civil liability and can be used in conjuction with your U.S. auto policy if it covers collision within Mexico. 

Purchase Mexican Auto Insurance On-Line.

Purchase Mexican Auto Insurance On-Line.

Considered at Fault

In Mexico, you are considered at fault until you can prove otherwise.
If you are involved in an accident in Mexico you will be brought to the police station and detained until the authorities determine who was at fault. Car crash or any similar cases are handled this way; to legally purge from the tribulations you will have to know about the working of the law there. You are considered guilty until you can prove otherwise.  The Mexican authorities want to know that you can pay the bill if you are found to be liable. This is why is is so important for foreigners to carry Mexican civil liability auto insurance. U.S. auto insurance will not and cannot provide Mexican liability coverage. They may provide collision, but check first, many U.S. insurance companies do not.

How and where to purchase Mexican Auto Insurance.

There are approximately 50 Mexican insurance companies that are authorized to issue auto insurance contracts.  However, only do business with companies with at least an A rating by A.M. Best.  The following companies are licensed and admitted in Mexico as of 2008. They are: SABA/Sergos – A GMAC company, Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP) – a Genworth Company, Zurich Z-Mart – A Zurich Financial Company ACE Seguros – Switcherland. 

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