Retire in Mexico – Cost of Living in Puerto Penasco

Considering retiring in Mexico? If you are thinking of retiring overseas, you will want to consider retiring in Mexico. According to the International Retirement Foundation, over 6 million Americans will retire in Mexico by 2025. That’s an additional 4 million Americans retiring in Mexico in the next 14 years. With healthcare and living cost on the rise in the United States, retirees will continue to look north to Canada or south of the border in Mexico for a place to live out their retirement years.

Reitre in Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Wood Family at the Red Rock Las Palomas Triathlon

One such retirement destination, only a 4 hour drive south of Phoenix, is the resort town of Puerto Penasco. With it’s sleepy, fishing town feel, retirees from the United States have all the luxuries of home with world class amenities at a fraction of the cost compared to north of the border. For those retiree’s that want to stay active, there is plenty to see and do in Rocky Point.

Golf Course Retirement in Puerto Penasco

The Links Golf Course at Las Palomas Puerto Penasco, Mexico


Retirees looking for an activate lifestyle will want to consider Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Puerto Penasco, otherwise known as Rocky Point, has 3 professional golf courses with driving ranges. Puerto Penasco also hosts volleyball tournaments open to all ages as well as the RedRock Las Palomas Triathlon.  My parent’s, Roger and Alda, although not yet retired, and still going strong, spend a lot of time in Puerto Penasco, golfing and staying active.  With only a 4 hour drive to Phoenix, they can be home in no time to see the grand kids!

retire in puerto penasco mexico

My Parent's Roger and Alda at the Las Palomas Triathlon in Rocky Point

I came across s great site called Numbeo that compares cost of living in other countries. You select the country you are researching, such as Mexico, and narrow down your search to the city. Let’s take a look at the cost of commonly used items everyday in Puerto Penasco.

Household Items used everyday:
In U.S. Dollars

Milk 1 liter: 1.06
Loaf of white bread: 2.06
12 dozen eggs: 1.50
Chicken Breasts 1kg: 6.00
Apples 1kg 2.48
water 1.5 litter: 1.50
Gas depending on day 1 litter: .75

Rent Per Month
1 Bedroom in Puerto Penasco: 231.28
1 Bedroom out of Town: 187.53

Cost to Purchase Condo
Ocean Front 2 Bedroom: 180K
Ocean Front 1 Bedroom 90K

As the cost of living and health care in the United States continues to rise, retirees will search for alternative locations to live outside the United States. For more information on retiring in Puerto Penasco, Mexico contact Kyle Wood at Realty Executives Rocky Point Real Estate. Visit for more information on the cost of living in Mexico.

Call Kyle at 480-297-8079 for more information on purchasing retirement property in Puerto Penasco, Mexico


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