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Looking for a fun tourist activity while in Mexico for your kids and your family. Leave the planning and organization to Seafari Tours while in Rocky Point, Mexico. Our family recently took a cruise out to Bird Island located a short 1 hour south on the open sea from Puerto Penasco with Lea Lubeck and Sefari Tours. If you are looking for an adventure and get away for a day, goes to Bird Island. What an experience! Your kids can swim with the VERY friend Sea Lions, see pelicans and sea gauls sunning themselves on the rocky shoreline of bird island, and even possibility see a pod of dolphins keeping pace with your boat as you cruise the open water of the Sea of Cortez.

Our Boat Capital Felipe
Lea Lubeck and Mike Miller run Sea Fari Tours in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. They provide sea and land adventures to some of the most incredible sites around Rocky Point that you may not otherwise see on your own. They provide Bird island tours, fishing expeditions, sunset cruises, pinacate volcano tours, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and group charters. Our boat caption Felipe and his son were the perfect guides. Felipe was not only our very experience boat captain he was our on board historian, biologist, marine expect, tour and guide. Felipe’s son was our host, waiter, and captains mates. As part of the cruise, Felipe provides home made burritos from a local corner stand in Puerto Penasco - Chicken, Beef and Bean - all very tasty. While enjoying your cruise Felipe’s son will offer you fresh Martigriates, bear and soda. when not manning the tie downs. Don’t forget that there is a private potty on board. So eat and drink all you can on the open sea.

The highlight of our trip was swimming with the sea lions. What an experience. It’s an experience our family will never forget. While at first the thought of swimming with these beautiful mammals was intimidating, we quickly got over of apprehension. The sea lions are some of the most peaceful creatures I have see and experienced. Our captain Felipe advised us on how to approach the swimming area of the sea lions. No quick movements, bob up and down, mimic their behavior and don’t freak out. As we entered the water we swam to a distance into shore where we could stand. The lions were curious, looking, staring, barking, circling. Actions that could be consider intimating. We began to make slow movements, bobbing up and down in the water. Curiosity soon got the best of the lions. They began to come up to our group swimming between us, taking a moment to pop out of the water, eyeing us with curiosity. Then they would swim off. What an experience to see up close their brown hair, their big brown eyes, and their thick brown whiskers, getting so close that you could touch them if they were just a few feet closer. Thoughtful not to stay too long and invade their territory, we made our way back to the boat as the lions of the sea watched with curiosity.

After our swim the captain cruised around bird island, noting the breading and rearing habitats of the lions. Pointing to mother’s nursing their young and the male lions sunning themselves on the rocks with one eye open to predators. Felipe describe in detail the feeding habitats of the sea lions, water current patterns and natural predators of the lions - sharks. Fear not. Bird Island is not in the water current flow of the habitat of sharks. Regarding the white colored island, Felipe pointed out Bird Island is white because of all the bird poop. Thousands of birds take refuge off the mainland of Mexico on bird island, covering the rocky island in poop. Quite a sight to see.

As our afternoon cruise came to an end, with the sun setting to the west, we arrived in the old port. Shrimp boats were mored for the winter, high priced yachts were waiting for a run on the open sea, and our family reflected on our experience with the Lions of the Sea.

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Kyle and Stephanie.

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